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KineMaster Lite

KineMaster Lite APK (Premium Unlocked, Lite Version) 2024

Premium Unlocked

Updated on

4.3 (120)

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KineMaster Lite




Android 7.0+


4K 60 FPS



20 MB

KineMaster Lite APK: It’s a modified version of KineMaster. It’s famous for its lite size and low resource requirements. Usually, people with older Android devices with 3GB RAM or less can use this app for video editing. It’s specially developed for them. But, there is no need to overthink, you can use all the premium features in KineMaster Lite APK as well. Let’s find out about all those features in this article.

There are so many people who are using a device with lower RAM and slow CPU. It’s hard for them to edit videos on their device because most of the video-editing apps require higher resources such as RAM and CPU. So, those people usually give up on their dreams of editing, on their devices. But, you are lucky, if you are here, KineMaster Lite APK is the best app that can be used for video editing on a device with up to 1GB of RAM.

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Info of KineMaster Lite APK

Here is the App information for your favorite lightweight KineMaster Mod. Check its size, official modified version, special app info, app updates, and much more info. Also, check out the features of KineMaster Lite, just a little down here.

App NameKineMaster Lite APK
Size20 MB
Required Android4.1 and up
Special InfoLite & Powerful
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
Last Updated1 day ago

Why KineMaster Lite APK?

KineMaster Lite

KineMaster Lite is a modified version and includes tons of great features. These features are explained in this article. So, why KineMaster Lite? Well, there are many uses, if you want to edit videos on a less powerful Android device, you can go for it. With this lite app, you can edit videos precisely. As there are so many tools and effects, and many more features. Some of the features are the following:

  1. Lite, Small, and Requires Less RAM.
  2. No Watermark
  3. Premium Assets Unlocked
  4. 3D Transitions & Effects
  5. Stickers & GIF Animation
  6. Better Editing
  7. Various Editing Tools
  8. 1GB RAM Required
  9. Ad-Free Application

Features of KineMaster Lite APK

KineMaster Lite
  • KineMaster Lite can easily be used on devices with 1GB of RAM.
  • It’s small in size but the performance of the video-editing is amazing.
  • All premium features are available here, including the asset store where we can find hundreds of premium assets including transitions, GIF animations, and many more.
  • There is no watermark in KineMaster Lite.
  • You can edit high-quality videos on your Android device.
  • It supports multi-layer editing.
  • Voice recording is also available.
  • You can also use the zoom-in or out feature.
  • Chroma key is supported in this lite version.
  • You can split the audio from a video.
  • 4K supports for the higher RAM devices.
  • Edit videos precisely in 480p and 720p with lower RAM devices.
  • KineMaster Lite is completely free.

What’s New?

  • Create custom animation using Keyframe animation.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • 6GB RAM devices can now do 4K editing.
  • New editing tools.
  • Blend modes are supported now.
  • Asset store updated.
  • Now, stable than ever.
  • Glitches and lag fixed.

Explained Features of KineMaster Lite APK

In this section, you can get details of the best features of this app including the premium features as well. So, let’s get started.

Lite-Size but High-Performance

Smooth editing

KineMaster Lite APK is small in size but high in performance and it’s like the cherry on a pie. It’s developed for people who are having old Android devices with less RAM and a small CPU. It’s kinda hard for those people to perform video editing. But with this app, now it’s possible.

No Watermark

Kinemaster Lite

Having a watermark on a video seems not great and we all hate it. Spending hours editing the best video and exporting it with a watermark, no way! Don’t worry because KineMaster Lite is completely free and it has no watermark. As we know, it’s a premium option for the official Kinemaster app but it’s freely available here. Export videos without a watermark with this app.

Premium Assets Library

Premium Asset

The premium assets library is another premium feature of the official app. This library includes hundreds of 3D effects & beautiful transitions. There are thousands of font styles, a sound library, and lots of GIF animations. The premium asset library is free to use in KineMaster Lite.

Video Editing Tools

Video editing effects

Without proper video editing tools, an app is nothing if it’s made for editing videos. There is a lot of competition in editing too. So, you really need a good app with all such features. In KineMaster Lite, all basic & pro Editing tools are available for free. There are trim, crop, merge, split, etc. basic tools. Speaking of premium, you get tools like chroma key and keyframe animation.

Slow Motion & Zoom-in & out

Slow motion

Slow-motion or slow-mo effects are so famous nowadays on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. Thousands of people search for the best Android apps for slow-motion effects. There is an answer to it and that’s KineMaster Lite. You can easily add such effects with this app. Zoom-in or out is another dashing feature of this app. You can easily make such effects in their videos.

Multi-Layer Editing

Multiple Layers

Just like Kinemaster Diamond, KineMaster Lite supports multiple layers editing. You can add many transitions, effects, animations, and GIFs to a single video. Have you seen people using fonts in their videos? It’s part of multi-layer editing. You can add fancy text styles to your videos. Also, another cool thing is that you can add sound effects. Your own voice can be used as well. An inbuilt sound recorder feature is available in this app. You can split the audio from a video also and use custom sound too.

Download KineMaster Lite APK Now

Installation Guide For KineMaster Lite APK

KineMaster Lite

Another informative part of this article is the installation of KineMaster Lite. People who are new to installing KineMaster Mods can follow these steps. If you know how to install, skip this step.

  1. Open the download page, download KineMaster Lite APK.
  2. Now, go to your device settings and open permissions.
  3. From there, turn on the unknown source installation.
  4. Now, you can open the KineMaster Lite APK and let the installation begin.
  5. Once installation finish, you are now ready to use this app.
  6. Share this lightweight video editing app with your friends.
  7. You can also share this article.

Important FAQ Section

Here, we have some important and frequently asked questions answers. You can ask other questions if we miss something here. These questions will help us to provide correct information about KineMaster Lite. You can ask questions in the comment section.

Can I use KineMaster Lite on 1GB RAM device?

Yes, you can use it. We know, there are still so many people who are using lower RAM devices with 1GB or 2GB RAM but they still wish to do video editing. Well, you can now pursue your dream. The reason here is the KineMaster Lite app can handle video editing on such lower resources. It’s because of the lite size of this app. It’s for those devices especially.

What are the features of KineMaster Lite?

There are many amazing features, the first will be about its small size & powerful performance. With this app, you can edit videos on lower RAM Android devices. You can use all the tools, transitions, sounds, stickers, font styles, and a lot more. It has an entire library of Premium Asset Store. Also, whenever you will export a video, there will be no watermark in your video.

Does KineMaster Lite APK supports 4K editing?

In the older versions, you might not get to see this option but the KineMaster Lite Latest Version supports it. But to use that feature, you should have an Android device with at least 6GB of RAM. You can’t edit in 4K with low-end Android devices, and there is no shame in it. This app is great for such devices and it nicely supports 480p and 720p Video editing.

Can I use premium features in KineMaster Lite?

Yes, there are all the premium features in this app. You can use premium assets, like hundreds of transitions, 3D effects, GIF animation, sticker packs, font styles, and many more. You can export videos without a watermark as well. Some premium editing features like chroma key and keyframe animation are also available in this app.

Is there a watermark in KineMaster Lite?

No, there is no watermark in KineMaster Lite. It is a premium feature in the official app and only comes with a premium subscription. But there is no need to worry about it, you can use this feature for free in the Lite app.

Conclusion:- KineMaster Lite APK

Here, the conclusion is simple as to understand. The KineMaster Lite APK app is pretty great for people having lower RAM Android devices (normally, 1GB or 2GB RAM devices). It is a lightweight app that requires very few resources to run smoothly. All the premium features, video editing features, tools, presets, and many more are available in this app. You are good to go if you want to use KineMaster Lite Latest Version. Even now, in the current version, you can now use 4K editing if you have a 6GB RAM device.

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