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KineMaster Mod

KineMaster MOD APK 2024 (No Watermark, 4K, Pro Unlocked)

Premium Unlocked/Pro Free Assets/No Watermark, 100% Export Work

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4.2 (4180)

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kinemaster MOD




Androd 7.0


Pro, Premium, Export Work



86 MB

Kinemaster MOD APK Download: Most people only know about the Official KineMaster app that is available on the Google Play Store. The app has millions of users, it’s free to use, and is one of the best video-editing applications for mobile devices. It’s available for both Android as well as iOS devices and is offered by KineMaster Corporation. So, what makes this app so special? Well, you sure gonna find that out. Check this article till the very end, to know everything, every little detail, and all the best of the best features of this app.

KineMaster MOD APK is the best-modified version of the official app with 4K 60FPS. It has some reasons but I will discuss them in the next section. Firstly, let’s just talk about KineMaster. It’s amazing, providing tons of features, that you don’t even know, exist. The app has more than 2000+ beautiful effects, and video-editing tools, such as trim, crop, merge, split, add & combine multiple video layers, adjust colors, and so much more.

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Info of KineMaster APK

In this section, check all the information about the size of the app, version, required Android Operating System, and lots of other important things.

App NameKineMaster
Size75 MB
Android Required4.1 and up
Special InfoPremium Unlocked/Pro Free Assets/No Watermark, 100% Export Work
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
Last Updated1 day ago

Why you should Use KineMaster for Android?

KineMaster MOD APK

With KineMaster, we can take the editing process to the next level, only in just mobile devices. Like, we can use professional editing tools, like color adjusting, cropping, merging, reversing, enhancing a video, and a lot. Not only that, but there are premium libraries, where we can access thousands of soundtracks, stickers, transition effects, animations, clip graphics, text fonts, and other special features. But some features like 4K editing and asset library are not available in the free version, so we need “ Kinemaster Pro APK “. Some best features of this modified app are the following:

  1. Edit & export 4K 60 FPS videos.
  2. There is no watermark.
  3. Get access to the KineMaster Premium Tools Preset.
  4. Thousand of Premium Assets in the store.
  5. Multiple video layers can be smoothly edited.
  6. Hundreds of transitions and premium effects.
  7. Completely Ad-free modified version.

Features of KineMaster MOD APK

KineMaster MOD APK
  • Edit your videos in the highest quality which is 4K 60FPS.
  • Export & Import videos in 4K.
  • Supports Chroma key for mind-blowing video-editing effects.
  • Premium assets such as songs, stickers, GIFs, animations are available.
  • Trim, Crop, Merge, Reverse, etc. operations on a video.
  • Thousand of effects available.
  • Multi-Track feature for adding up to eight tracks at once in a video.
  • Voice recording available to add your voice wherever or at any instance in a video.
  • Live view feature for instantly watching your edited video.
  • No watermark, no ads, and no problem.
  • Create custom animation with “Keyframe animation“.
  • All other premium features are unlocked.
  • Control video speed, with the speed control feature.
  • Adjust the color of your videos with the color adjustment tool.
  • A share menu is available to share your videos directly with your friends on social media apps.
  • No paid subscription required, completely free.

What’s New?

  • On the Home Screen, there are now new options to locate video templates.
  • 16 completely new voice-modification options
  • On the Create screen, you may categorize your films by making multiple selections.
  • Modifications made to the Magic Remover
  • Premium Unlocked/Pro Free Assets/No Watermark, 100% Export Work
  • New 16+ Voice changer options available
  • Import and export project files
  • Replace media files in the timeline
  • New home screen design
  • Updated FAQ menu
  • Bugs & crashes are fixed now
  • Various minor improvements in the app

Explained Features

In this section, you can find the explained details of KineMaster Mod APK features. It’s great because you can know these best features in detail. Hence you can make your video-editing better with these features. So, let’s get started.

No Watermark & 4K 60FPS Editing

In the official app, whenever we export a video, we see a watermark in our edited video which is really bad. To unlock this feature, you need to buy the premium version which is kinda sad. But, using KineMaster Mod APK unlocks that feature for free. There is no watermark on it. Speaking of video editing, you can’t import & export videos in 4K in the free version, but you can do this in the “KineMaster Mod APK Latest Version”.

Professional Editing with Chroma Key

If you have any idea about the Chroma Key feature, it’s totally great. If you don’t know then let me explain. Have you seen a green screen effect? It’s the part of Chroma Key. People doing awesome effects in their videos like changing the background, and for example, a person can be transferred to anywhere with Chroma Key. Like, you have seen in Star Wars, Marvel & DC, or superhero movies. Even famous movie production companies use Chroma Key’ Green Screen in their movies to add astonishing effects. You can use this feature to make your video-editing really great.

Hundreds of Transitions and 3D-Effects

One of the best features we all love in KineMaster Mod APK is its unique effects and transitions. This app has a premium asset store where we can access thousands of presets. It includes special effects, animations, background music, various transition, effects, clip graphics, text fonts, stickers, music, and so much more, for free. Also, it’s updated regularly to provide you new features. Remember, it’s not free in the official app but available freely in the KineMaster Mod APK.

Multi-Layer Smooth Editing

In KineMaster Mod APK, editing is on a completely different level, it supports multi-layer editing. It means you can add many layers of videos at once, and edit them together. You can add layers of audio effects, stickers, texts, GIFs, and photos, etc. This feature is the backbone of video-editing and without multi-layer editing, this app has no value. Also, if you ever tried using other editing apps, you may face lag or glitches during editing, but here, you can edit your videos smoothly in up to 4K quality.

Live Preview Anytime

While editing a video, sometimes, we wish if we can see the effects if they are at the right moment or at the right time, and it’s not possible in many apps. But luckily, it’s available on KineMaster Mod APK. It’s called a live preview or instant view feature. With it, you can play your edited video and check if there is any mistake left. Even if it does not sound like a great feature, but it is. To the video-editors, who used to edit long videos, for work purposes, it’s very important for them. Like, sometimes, I edit gaming videos, the “live preview” feature helps me a lot.

Record Your Voice

If you love adding your voice in your edited videos, then KineMaster Mod is good for you. It supports voice recording and you can add voice wherever you want to in a video while editing. This feature is really nice for people who add their voices. You don’t even have to close the app and open another app for recording, it’s an inbuilt feature, and it’s for free.

Share Your Masterpieces

After finishing your video-editing in KineMaster Mod APK, you can share it directly without closing the app. This app has a wonderful sharing feature, it allows users to share videos to their social media accounts, or with their friends, without wasting any time. I really liked this feature because you will save a lot of time. Also, you can access your edited videos and edit them again whenever you want to add new effects or do some changes.

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Download KineMaster APK For Android

Installation Guide for Android Platform

KineMaster MOD APK

So, let’s talk about another important thing which is the installation guide. Let me ask, have you ever installed an application outside of the official app stores? If you did, then there is no need for this step, you can skip it. It’s for those people who are so new in this. I mean, who only install official apps, like from the Google Play Store. Well, don’t worry, friend. Here are the easy steps & installation guide for KineMaster Mod APK. Read them carefully.

  1. Check the download file, I mean, sometimes, we just don’t care about the download process and just go into the file manager, and we find nothing. Well, first of all, let the download process complete. Once the KineMaster Mod APK file is successfully downloaded. You can proceed to the second easy step.
  2. So, now, the tricky part, it’s not that tricky but still, for many, it is. You need to go to your phone’s settings, hey, it’s safe. From settings, go to the permissions, then there, you can find “unknown source”. You need to enable it. Don’t worry, I will let you know pretty soon, why we have to enable that. Let’s proceed to the third easy step.
  3. Now, you have enabled the unknown source installation, and all you have to do is open the KineMaster Mod APK file from your device’s file manager. Proceed to the download folder, then open the file.
  4. Just tap on the install button and let the installation process end. Once, it’s complete, KineMaster Mod APK is ready to use on your Android device. Also, check the FAQ section in case you want to know about “why need to enable installation from an unknown source?”

Important FAQ Section

This section is all about some important questions that most of us want to know, like, yeah, unknown source, about mods, about safety, and some more questions. Let’s talk about them. Also, if you are still here, can we be friends? I am kidding, let’s proceed to the FAQ section of KineMaster Mod APK.

Why enable Unknown Source while installing KineMaster APK?

It kinda feels insecure for so many people that why an app is from an unknown source, what if it’s not safe, what if it has a virus, there are many possibilities about what people think. But, it’s normal, and let me just explain it pretty quickly. There are some policies of all the Official App Stores, these policies need to be followed by all the apps. And their developers should take care of such policies. But, due to policy violations, apps need to be removed from the App Stores. The same case with KineMaster Mod APK, it is a third-party app that gives you premium features for free. I know it’s doing great work, but still, it’s against policies. So, you will only find this app on websites, which are unknown to the App Store. Hence, when installing it, you need to enable the unknown source installation.

KineMaster Mod APK is safe, really?

Don’t worry, if you think it’s not on the App Stores, it doesn’t mean that it’s not safe but it’s just because those third-party developers really care about us people, who can’t buy the premium version of KineMaster. Listen, if you think you can buy, then you shouldn’t be here. But as you are here, you know, you need this app, for completing your video-editing dreams, and I know, they are beautiful. And hey, you are beautiful too. “KineMaster Mod APK” is safe. Don’t think anything else. Another sure thing is that you don’t even have to root your device to install this app.

Explain, what are Kinemaster mods?

Hey, you don’t know, really? Mods are the modified versions, also known as, cracked versions. I know, it will gonna ring some bells, have you played free games on your PC? Most people don’t buy games, if they have a PC, they used to use torrent to download games. Those games are known as cracked. Similarly, KineMaster Mod APK is a modified version of the official app. It’s modified for unlocked the premium version. And you know what’s in the premium version. Yeah, 4K, Fast Export, Chroma Key, Transitions, and so much more.

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It’s really amazing that you have reached here, in the conclusion section. At last, let me ask you, what do you think of KineMaster Mod APK? To be honest, people who are worried about the premium features such as 4K 60FPS and can’t buy the premium version of the official app can use this app. It’s completely free to download and safe to use. Also, it is one of the best KineMaster Mods available today, on the web. Alright, tell us in the comments section about your views on KineMaster Mod APK Latest Version. Till then, enjoy editing your videos in up to 4K-quality.

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